Who are we?

TEK Youth is composed of TEK members that are brought together by interest to advocate for better work life from a youth’s perspective. We stand for a fresh and transparent union and help TEK be relevant in the everyday life of our members. We see that TEK can be a relevant player also in the future. We can’t cling to the old ways, so TEK needs to actively innovate new services for ever changing needs of its members.

Our TEK…

  1. utilizes data more effectively and provides timely services for you when needed
  2. is a community where everyone can participate
  3. makes work life equal
  4. harnesses civil engineers to solve climate crisis and biodiversity loss
  5. is truly international!

TEKin Nuoret have two board members in TEK’s board (2023-2026) Maria Kultanen (deputy member Sini Piiparinen) and Pia Humalajoki (deputy member Essi Puustinen).

Our members in TEK’s General Council 2023-2026

Markus Karppanen – President of TEKin Nuoret’s council group
Teemu Kontro – Vice President of TEKin Nuoret’s council group
Pia Humalajoki
Maria Kultanen
Petri Lehtonen
Aliisa Pietilä
Sini Piiparinen
Juho Salmi
Liisa Salminen
Suvi Salomaa

Deputy councillors:
Abdul-Rahman Salum
Juvonen Anu
Korhonen Hilja
Laine Maija
Miinalainen Tuuli
Mylläri Fanni
Penttinen Pipsa
Puustinen Essi
Ranta Uula
Rantanen Ida
Rautalin Hanna
Shnoro Elisabet
Strengell Niklas
Översti Kimi